In the ART AFFAIR gallery, we bring you closer to the works of a wide variety of artists in a special ambience. Below you will find all information on current and future exhibitions.


FROM 17.10

Invitation to the Vernissage on Thursday, the 17th of October from 19.00

The Art Affair Gallery proudly presents the exclusive exhibition of “Marilyn Monroe Paintings” by the American artist, James Francis Gill.

The Marilyn Monroe Paintings by James Francis Gill date back to the beginning of the American Pop Art culture in the year of 1962 and proves that even 60 years later, Gill still manages to portray Marilyn Monroe as one of the defining art icons of our time.

Elvira Bach - Unikate & Editionen

On the Regensburg Gallery Evening we open our exhibition of the wonderful Artist Elvira Bach.

The Artist from Berlin is known for her depiction as a confident and powerful woman. She will be present in person on the opening event and present us an exciting mix of graphics and paintings.

Duration of the exhibition: from the 23rd of September until the 15th of October 2023

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