Farbige Visionen: Künstler der Galerie

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The group exhibition “Colored Visions: Artists of the Gallery”, which begins on April 15, 2024, explores the diverse interpretations of the “Colored Visions” theme. Andreas Blank, Benjamin Burkard, Aniko Boda, Alex Bars, Anna Bocek, Ralf Koenemann and Alexander Timofeev present new works that reveal their individual perspectives on this theme.

The exhibition presents a fascinating dialogue between different forms of artistic expression, from sculptural works to paintings and experimental techniques that explore the theme of colors and visions in innovative ways. Visitors will have the opportunity to experience the creative diversity and fresh interpretations of the participating artists and be inspired by their unique points of view.  

“Diverse perspectives: The artistic realization of ‘Colored Visions’

Andreas Blank transcends the boundaries between abstraction and conceptualism in his sculptures, which are created through the careful selection and processing of rare stones. Through the skillful combination of materials and forms, he creates works that possess a subtle yet powerful mode of expression. This dynamic interpretation of colors and forms finds a resonance in Benjamin Burkard’s paintings, in which abstract colors and representational motifs merge. His works testify to a deep engagement with human existence and a playful approach to painting that skillfully combines historical references and modern storytelling.

Aniko Boda and Alex Bär realize their colorful visions in different media, drawing on traditional techniques to convey timeless messages. Boda’s trompe l’oeil paintings reflect the precision and detail of past masters, while Bär’s mixed media bridges the gap between classical art history and contemporary subject matter. Boda‘s works invite the viewer to explore the boundaries between reality and illusion and to discover the beauty in the detail. This artistic sensibility is taken up by Anna Bocek, whose portraits of young women capture not only their outer beauty, but also their inner strength and self-determination. Bocek’s works are in dialog with contemporary discourses on gender roles and female identity and thus offer an impressive reflection on the complexity of the human experience.

Ralf Koenemann and Alexander Timofeev complement the exhibition “Colorful Visions: Artists of the Gallery” with their unique artistic approaches. Koenemann’s painting is characterized by a bold experimentation with different techniques and materials, through which he develops a dynamic, expressive visual language. His works immerse the viewer in a world of color and movement that evokes a deep emotional resonance. On the other hand, Timofeev continues the tradition of oil painting at the highest level by masterfully combining quality and virtuosity. His realistic figures often seem to have sprung from another world and invite the viewer to wander between reality and magic. Their works complement the exhibition in a fascinating way and offer a wide range of artistic forms of expression that underline the complexity of the theme of “Colored Visions”.


Büffel 39

Ralf Koenemann

Mischtechnik auf Leinwand

100 x 100cm

Box with Military Boots

Andreas Blank

Kalkstein, Serpentinit
56 x 55 x 38,5 cm



Anna Bocek

Öl auf Leinwand

100 x 100cm


Opium III

Alexander Timofeev

Acryl auf Leinwand

60 x 60 cm



Benjamin Burkard

Öl, Acryl & Lack auf Leinwand

200 x 180 cm


Modell mit Maler 

Alex Bär

Mischtechnik auf Leinwand
120 x 120 cm


Aniko Boda

Öl auf Leinwand

140 x 200 cm