About the Art Fair

The Art Affair Gallery  participates in the 2024 art fair. As one of 170 esteemed galleries taking part in Art Karlsruhe, the gallery takes pride in providing local artists with national and international recognition while also bringing the best of international modern art to Germany. This mission has been pursued successfully by the gallery for the past 8 years.

The gallery showcases the works of artists who have been collaborating with them for years. Painting and sculpture will be the main mediums used to fascinate visitors to the fair.

A standout exhibit at the fair will be the work of artist Markus Lüpertz. The diversity of his artistic mediums, including works on paper, graphics, unique pieces, and sculptures, will be presented in Hall 2, Booth F22.

Art Affair also supports emerging talents and will therefore feature the works of young artists Benjamin Burkard and Andreas Blank at the fair. Burkard is known for his surrealist paintings with abstract elements and fascinating color combinations. Blank, on the other hand, questions the visible and transfers traditional references and values into the everyday and contemporary. His realistically appearing sculptures made from various stones liberate themselves from their original function and become pure objects.

Also featured once again is Ralf Koenemann, known for his paintings featuring animal motifs.

The gallery’s international presence is represented by artists such as Aniko Boda from Hungary, an award-winning artist and physician, as well as Antal Turcsányi, who explores mythological figures in his paintings. Swiss-born artist Alex Bär will also be introduced, whose repertoire includes classic themes of art history such as still lifes, landscapes, and nudes.

A highlight will be the David sculpture by Markus Lüpertz, presented for the first time in the beautiful surroundings of the halls. The imposing glass sculpture “David”, cast in one piece with dimensions of 58 x 54 x 179 cm in 2023, will stand on a wooden pedestal with a glass base. The sculpture was cast in close collaboration with the artist at Galshütte Lamberts in the Bavarian Forest and is an outstanding example of glass art.

The Art Affair Gallery warmly invites you to discover this fascinating world of art and looks forward to your visit at their stands at art KARLSRUHE 2024.

Hall 2 F22: Markust Lüpertz - unique pieces, graphics, bronzes - Hall 4 M10: Benjamin Burkard, Aniko Boda, Ralf Koenemann, Antal Turcsanyi, Alex Bär - Sculpture Square Hall 4 M12: Andreas Blank - Sculpture spot: Markus Lüpertz "David" - Benjamin Burkard has a one-artist show.

Recommended works by our artists:


Markus Lüpertz

Lithografie auf Bütten Papier
l. u. nummeriert, r. u. signiert ML
82.80 x 61.50 cm
20 arab. num. Exemplare zzgl. e.a.

Blatt: 11/20



Ralf Koenemann

Mischtechnik auf Leinwand

120 x 120 cm


Kalkstein, Serpentinit
56 x 55 x 38,5 cm



Alex Bär

Mischtechnik auf Leinwand
120 x 130 cm
signiertes Unikat

Torsos 5

Antal Turcsányi

Öl auf Leinwand

200 x 140 cm



Ralf Koenemann

Mischtechnik auf Leinwand

180 x  240 cm


Nuts and crackers

Aniko Boda

Öl auf Leinwand

120 x 80 cm



Markus Lüpertz

110 x 80 cm

Auflage: 5 + E.A


Art Affair Gallery at the art fair:

Loth Sculpture Prize 2024

Prize winner 2024: Gallery Art Affair and artist Andreas Blank

The recognition of the sixth Loth Sculpture Prize is bestowed upon both the Art Affair Gallery (Regensburg) and the artist Andreas Blank.

The decision to award this prize was made by an expert jury, who justified their selection as follows: “Andreas Blank distinguishes himself through a precise yet playful approach to his work, shaping moments of insight from the hardness of stone. The materials and fabrics of his works initially appear authentic, yet it is the trompe-l’oeil effect that defines the strength of his installation at art KARLSRUHE. Whether it’s men’s shirts, bottles, wood, or leather boots – everything is chiseled and polished from marble, granite, alabaster, or other stones. Even the pedestals are an integral part of his concept, characterized by wit and subtlety in the constant tension between life and death.

From his earliest sculpture, the shaft boots carved in black stone symbolizing his grandfather from World War II, now resting in a Nazi-brown stone box, to the stacked tower of materials made from already worked stones with a skull placed on top – Andreas Blank underwent a long and persistent creative process.

Although he left the Karlsruhe Academy and has long studied in London, he finds inspiration in both the everyday and the cultures of both cities. The smooth folded, snow-white marble shirt and the deceptively real black briefcase underneath are ironic allusions that, despite their uncompromising symbolism, provoke reflection.

Here is a sculptor at work who directly immerses us in his artistic perception of the real world with its social framework. Where the irony of the viewer, the consumers of these monumental works, transitions into a thoughtful learning process is a question that arises.

Blank’s objects are both jewels and provocations. Through the tension between nature/stone and culture/object, objects have emerged through the artist’s intellectual and practical intervention, which he has united into a convincing installation in the sculpture square.

When, as intended by the artist, one steps onto the white marble step that allows a view at eye level of the white marble skull, and when one considers the still unfinished plate and stone stockpile with overturned support blocks, thoughts of finiteness and leaving things unfinished inevitably come to the forefront – perhaps a reminder of the vanitas symbolism of the Baroque.

In any case, it is an impressive interaction of the works and their themes in the sculpture square of the Art Affair Gallery in Regensburg.