In the ART AFFAIR Gallery



The Art Affair Gallery opened its gates for the audience in 2005, in the Gothic Chapel of Altmann’s House with 170 square meters of exhibition space.

Since then the Gallery of modern arts has developed into a recognised and popular meeting point for art lovers. We organize an average of 4-6 exhibitions per year. 

The special environment of the historic World Heritage city of Regensburg in the field of tension between tradition and present, and the spatial location of the Art Affair gallery in the Gothic walls, offers an exclusive opportunity to examine space and time. 

There is no better place in Regensburg to experience the old and the new, the past and the present such intensively, than the contemporary art placed in a historic environment in the Art Affair Gallery.

The main principle of our gallery is to show something special from the diversity of today’s art and to place the regional trends into an international context. The focus is on the presentation of contemporary artists whose works deal with recognisable motives and thoughts in the form of painting, object, installation and drawing.




Art Affair is especially concerned with promoting and exhibiting young and unknown artists, who are often shown in group or solo exhibitions in conjunction with already established artists. It is our entitlement to offer professional artists an appropriate platform.

We see the gallery as a place of communication and encounter. Artists’ talks, which take place at each exhibition, offer them the opportunity to present themselves and their work, as well as being concerned to introduce a wider audience to contemporary art. Regularly held philosophical discussion rounds on art, God and the world are intended to lead to discussions and an exchange of ideas between artists, gallery owners and art lovers.

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