Anna Bocek

Anna Bocek resides and works from Gdansk. The essence of immediacy and sensuality holds paramount importance in her artistic expression. Experiences and emotions form the cornerstone of Anna Bocek’s paintings. Her work is a continuous exploration, a quest for traces within diverse scenarios, yet consistently, the portrait remains at its nucleus. The human appearance stands as the epicenter of her creative universe, where every nuance and aspect is laid bare, where everything is at stake.

In her art, Anna Bocek captures realism with scenic beauty. However, the emotions of her subjects or viewers are not mere afterthoughts; they are vital elements. Anna Bocek articulates these emotions through her palette, endowing colors with the potency of a tangible language.





Rare items

Rare items










The Polish artist Anna Bocek, who has been painting since her earliest childhood, left an impressive initial career as a stage designer and exhibition designer to fully dedicate herself to painting.

ART AFFAIR is delighted to have accompanied the expressive Polish artist since her beginnings in 2005. Her expressive, colorful, and distinctive style, along with her temperament, have made her an internationally sought-after artist. Today, Anna Bocek exhibits in the metropolises of the world. From Europe to Asia to the USA, she is presented in renowned galleries. In Germany, she is exclusively represented by ART AFFAIR.

Faces captivate the artist, primarily those of young women. It’s not just about beauty, expressing an emotion, or embedding them in a meaningful background of her portraits. Anna Bocek places great importance on showcasing the strength of women. Thus, she predominantly portrays women who are carving out their place in the world – confident women.

The artist’s originals are highly sought after worldwide and exclusively available in Germany through us.

Since 2001, numbered and signed editions have also been offered.


It’s the special moments in life that become timeless with a portrait. The great love, the growth of children, professional success, hobbies or sports, memories of parents and friends, pets, and much more that is cherished and valuable, all make suitable subjects.

We are happy to advise you to realize your desire for a personal portrait.

Anna Bocek

Education: Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting & Set Design Academy of Fine Arts


  • Painter and Set Designer
  • Exhibited artwork in solo and group exhibitions across Poland, USA, Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, Spain, France, UK, Italy, Austria, Belgium, Greece, Czech Republic, and Taiwan.
  • Participated in prestigious art fairs including ART Karlsruhe, CONTEXT ART MIAMI, Affordable Art Fair UK, A.R.T. ART Revolution Taipei, STROKE ART FAIR Munich, AAF Brussels, AAF London, and MASTER EXPO RAI Amsterdam.


2023 ART MARKET BUDAPEST 2023/ Art Affair Gallery, Hungary

2023 “SUMMER SHOW” Art Affair Gallery, Germany

2023 “SUMMERBREEZE”  30works Galerie, Cologne, Germany

2023 Art3f Kortrijk 2023/ Galerie Barrou Planquart, Belgium

2023 “INAUGURATION”  30works Galerie, Cologne, Germany

2023 „Anna Bocek&Leif Nyland” Galerie Barrou Planquart, Paris

2022 “Anna Bocek- solo show” Art Affair Gallery, Germany

2022 “KARLSRUHE 2022”, Art Affair Gallery, Germany

2022 “INAUGURATION” Galerie Cygne Noir, France

2021 MASTERS EXPO 2021 RAI AMSTERDAM, ArtGalerie 11M, Amsterdam, Netherlands

2021 AAF London Battersea, Galerie Barrou Planquart, London, England

2021 ANNA BOCEK-SOLO SHOW, Galerie Barrou Planquart, Paris, France

2021 “REDis” curated by Sergio Gomez (33 Contemporary Gallery, Chicago)

“Colors of Emotions” – Galerie Art Affair

“Im goldenen Käfig” – Galerie Art Affair

“Art Karlsruhe 2020” – Solo Show

“Colors & Emotions” – Galerie Art Affair
“Context Art Show Miami” – Galerie Barrou Planquarrt, Miami

“Inauguration” – Galerie Bartoux Matignon, Paris

“Winterausstellung” – Galerie Art Affair

“Art Revolution” – Taipeh, Taiwan

“Anna Bocek – recent works” – Canfin Gallery, Tarrytown, NY, USA